Here’s Why Naughty Couples Are Winning

Why Naughty Couples Are Winning

Humans tend to become less naughty as we mature because play requires a bit of freedom and space. Most regard it as an unproductive activity.

Life’s daily routines and stresses can affect our relationship and suck the naughtiness out of it.

There may come a day when the thought of being naughty with your partner will not even cross your mind. 

That loss is more significant than we might realize. Experts are looking into all the various psychological functions that naughtiness brings into romantic relationships.

They are finding that it provides us with more than just the sporadic sexy goof.

It can give us a sense of security, a way to communicate, and even help us resolve disputes. 

If we are earnestly seeking to cultivate an intimate and lasting relationship, we might have to search for ways to counter the dwindling drive to stop and smell the roses, a.k.a. stop and be naughty; how about using adult toys such as the Hot Octopuss Pulse?

But Why Even Bother?

Are humans innately naughty? You might not have asked yourself that question before, but some evolutionary theorists have done so and are determined to find answers.

Why do they even bother, you may ask? Well, playfulness, on the surface, does not seem to contribute to human survival.

Instead of making a living and securing your future, why would it be a worthy use of your time to be a bit naughtier than usual with your partner? Would it not be a distraction? 

Some researchers theorize that naughty play with your partner could serve as a destressing ritual.

Engaging in friendly, reciprocal, sexy play might be a demonstration of how your attraction towards each other has never wavered and how you both are willing to spend time with your undivided attention.  

A 2014 study by the University of Halle’s René Proyer asked people to consider how play served their relationship.

They talked about using playfulness to seduce their partner, make sex more pleasurable, and communicate positively more effectively. 

Playfulness within the relationship makes them feel good; it makes them laugh. It also sustains the relationship itself in several ways.

For instance, sometimes teasing your partner about their faults and peculiarities can be a way of creatively pointing them out without making it sound shameful.

Play being unserious makes it a safe way to raise issues that are, in fact, quite serious.

You can bring something up naughtily—maybe a sexual request or an, and from there, you can size up the response.  

As such, a sexy remark or playful gesture can ease any tension. It can remind your partner that your relationship is still a safe place for both of you despite the stresses you are facing.   

What Naughty Play Looks Like?

There are many playful ways you can practice intimacy. Researchers have itemized and classified all the distinct ways partners play.

A secret language that develops between couples is among the usual forms of play, like having nicknames or sharing private jokes. 

Roleplay is also typical among naughty couples. When their relationship is safe without judgment and shame, the couple feels free to act out any sexy scenarios they find arousing and pleasurable.

Teasing between couples is another behavior that can seem positive and negative, although friendly negotiation is vital.

A couple has to perceive each other’s playful intentions and freely decide to join in the game. If not, then one of them will be put off the mood or get annoyed.

Implementing a rewards system in the relationship is another way naughty couples continue to build intimacy—for example, sexy favors are up for grabs for performing each other’s love language.

The Sex Toy to Buy?

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Sex toys are a fantastic way to spice up a sexual relationship that could use a little playfulness, keep an already wonderful sex life thrilling, or find new ways to bring pleasure to a couple.

Remember, open and positive communication about using sex toys comes first.

When you decide to integrate it into your naughty play, go out or go online to buy a sex toy.

Begin a safe and thrilling journey towards mind-blowing pleasure in your sexual relationship.

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