Check Out the Importance of Breastfeeding Your Husband or Partner

Importance of Breastfeeding Your Husband or Partner

Breastfeeding your husband, also referred to as erotic lactation, is an act enjoyed during sexual activities where the husband sucks from their partner’s breast.

The unorthodox sexual activity is enjoyed by both partners, which creates a more fun environment for the people involved.

Nonetheless, while some men don’t mind sucking their partner’s breast, others do not find any pleasure or satisfaction in it. 

Some husbands may only enjoy being breastfed when their partner is not breastfeeding a child because they find it difficult to process the taste as adults.

Contrastingly, others are always eager to taste from their partner’s breast milk even while they’re lactating.

While the act of breastfeeding a husband isn’t widely practiced, there are several factors to consider.

This article was drafted to answer some of the questions that may be running through your mind.

First and foremost, let’s consider some of the reasons why women should breastfeed their husbands.

Reasons You Should Breastfeed Your Husband

  • Drain the breast: Your partner has more energy in sucking the breast than the baby. As a result, he is more likely to consume a more significant fraction of the breast than the baby. Draining the breasts can help in removing clogged milk ducts and also relieve heavy breasts. 
  • Balance out uneven breasts: Most babies prefer a particular breast because they feel comfortable sucking from that specific one. Unfortunately, this makes them suck more on one breast than the other. Your partner can breastfeed on the neglected breast to make both breasts even. 
  • Boost milk supply: Your partner will use more force in sucking the breast, thereby draining it and giving it extra stimulation. Doing this will naturally trigger the body to produce more milk. 
  • Fulfilling fantasy: You and your partner might have some fantasies you wish to explore, and breastfeeding your partner is one way to do that. 
  • To feel more included: Your partner may feel abandoned since you have started breastfeeding the baby, and your breast might seem off-limits for him. However, you can involve him by giving him access to the breasts. This can significantly minimize the chances of Postpartum Depression (PPD) in men.
  • Increase intimacy: Breastfeeding your husband can improve the bonding experience between you and your husband. It could be an exceptionally satisfying experience since you share a part of your body with an adult loved one. 

Some women deprive their partners of the pleasure of sucking their breasts because they feel they may no longer stay as firm as they should. In so doing, they tend to neglect its benefits.

Having listed the above reasons, why do you suppose breastfeeding your husband would offer you?

Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Husband

Breastfeeding your husband comes with a wide range of health benefits, and below are 5 of them:

  • Radiant skin and face: When your partner sucks your breasts, blood flow to the skin and face increases. This, in turn, helps get rid of wrinkles and facial muscles, leaving you with smoother and healthier skin. 
  • Immune booster: Letting your partner suck on your breasts stimulates the immune system, which helps in the production of antibodies. 
  • Overcoming frigidity: Some women tend to lose their desire for pleasure, particularly after childbirth. Therefore, their partners need to dedicate much time to touching and sucking their breasts to restore that natural pleasure. This act will help them to attain orgasms and enjoy sex to its fullest. 
  • Fights breast cancer: It’s been discovered that medically massaging and sucking the woman’s breast often helps reduce the chances of breast lumps that can develop into cancer. In addition, breastfeeding your husband can help dissolve fat that might have accumulated in the breast. This allows for the easy flow of hormones, which can help with breast lumps.
  • Suitable for a healthy heart: Breastfeeding your partner helps balance your body’s cardiovascular function if he spends more time sucking them. It also increases the rate at which your heart beats, resulting in a healthy heart. As a result, it reduces the chances of experiencing cardiovascular complications. 

Will There Be Enough Milk for My Baby if I Breastfeed My Husband?

The good news here is you are covered; there’s always enough breast milk to go around for both daddy and baby.

If it worries you too much, breastfeed your baby first so they get full before giving your partner some.

However, it’s normal to have this concern when breastfeeding your partner. 

This concern comes into play when you have difficulty with milk supply.

Nevertheless, the additional stimulation from your partner’s suck will help in milk production. In other words, you’re good to go!

When not to breastfeed your partner

Breastfeeding your partner should never be a problem, but it is advisable to avoid this activity with the cases listed below:

  • Oversupply: Breastfeeding your partner when your breasts are full can come with great relief. Notwithstanding, the stimulation from breastfeeding can make your body produce more milk, which can be burdensome since you already have an excess supply. 
  • Partner has an infection: It is not advisable to breastfeed a partner with an Infection, mainly if such infection is transmittable through the mouth. Infections of such nature can be transferred to you and the baby when in contact with the breasts. 
  • High risk at pregnancy: You may want to stay off breastfeeding your husband if you’ve had past events of miscarriage or pre-term labor caused by breastfeeding stimulation. This nipple stimulation could lead to contractions and early delivery. 
  • Pain: Breastfeeding your husband should be paused if you’re experiencing sore nipples. This pain in the nipples could be triggered by your partner’s pressure on your nipples when sucking them. You should know that the strength of an adult’s suck is more than that of a baby, and this could result in sore nipples. 
  • HIV positive: Your partner should be aware of your HIV status and the risks involved should he want to be breastfed. If this is the case, with a baby involved, then breastfeeding should be a hard no.


Breastfeeding your husband is one crucial aspect that many people shy away from, but it offers several medical and emotional benefits.

So, when you are having a good time with your lover, let him explore the hidden treasures of breastfeeding.

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