11 Different Types of Lesbians 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼

Different Types of Lesbians

You might be wondering: aren’t all lesbians the same, and if not, what are the different types of lesbians?

For starters, there are different types of lesbians — even more than you imagined.

So if you want to know the difference between them, then read this article to the end as I’ve highlighted different types of lesbians and how to identify them.

You’ll also find this article helpful as a straight girl or guy as it helps you understand what to expect when interacting with lesbian communities.

Different Types of Lesbians

Below are major lesbians you’ll find in any LGBTQ community. They include;

1. Activist Lesbians

She’s into women, and she’s the number one lesbian advocate. Without the activist lesbians around, the lesbian community wouldn’t receive much public recognition today.

Activist lesbians have infused courage and motivational support to several lesbians who are now standing tall.

These lesbians are unafraid, and they’re always ready to fight for the timid.

Seeking justice and making sure people are treated right are their core values.

You’d be hitting the jackpot to make the activist lesbian your lover.

2. Stud Lesbians

The stud is the Man in the lesbian relationship. You’ll often see her wearing hoodies, jeans, and button-shirts. Oh! They rock trousers suit better than most men.

Also, you can call them Butch or Dyke lesbians. This group of lesbians is easygoing, and you’re assured of a stress-free relationship with them.

Stud lesbians make many straight girls fall for them because they rock a muscular body shape.

They walk confidently, and you’ll see them commanding respect with simple eye contact.

3. Lipstick/Camouflage Lesbians

You’d never guessed this group of people are lesbians unless they confess.

Lipstick lesbians rock female attention-seeking accessories and outfits more than several straight women out there.

It’s hard to tell if these sets of people are lesbians. However, they’ll never give up their unique fashion style despite the confusion they’re always causing.

Another lesbian term you can call them is “Femme lesbians.”

You must always look presentable, love your friends, and compliment a Lipstick lesbian always to win her heart.

4. Tomboy Lesbians

Tomboy is the best description of lesbians in this category.

They answer other several names such as Chapstick, Futch, Stem, and Soft Butch.

Tomboy lesbians are between the stud and lipstick lesbians.

They can either dress up as a lady or a man, it depends on their mood.

A fun, down-to-earth partner is what a Chapstick desires.

They’re cute, and if you’re looking for distinct loyal types of lesbians, Soft Butch lesbians are the best!

5. Gold Star Lesbians

Perhaps you’ve heard of this type of lesbian a few times in your group and wonder what it means.

Gold star lesbians mean lesbians that haven’t slept with any man.

They’re the purest breed of lesbians. This is the major reason they’re given the Gold Star title.

These lesbians have made several none gold star lesbians feel inferior, which is why you shouldn’t let that be your case as a lesbian. It’s just a title, nothing more.

6. Boi Lesbians

These are the types of people you’d wish came out of their mothers’ loins as males because they’ve got several physical features of a man.

Categorizing them as butch lesbians would’ve been the best, but they’re so feeble.

In addition, you can’t place them among the chapsticks because they’re not fashionable.

The “Boi” name seems like the perfect description to give them.

They look like guys, so they’re Boi(s)! Boi lesbians enjoy the company of older and experienced people more. Hard luck if you’re in their age group!

7. Sport Dyke Lesbians

Without much ado, sport dyke lesbians are sports addicts — sport is their passion.

You’d recognize a sport dyke lesbian by checking her calendar, it’ll be marked with everything that has to do with sport.

Her body is a temple with plenty of abs. Nonetheless, she’ll always hide in baggy shirts.

A sport dyke lesbian will probably own a skateboard, be Van’s ambassador, or play football.

To win over a sport dyke, you must be a sports lover, and the first date should be in a mini-golf, bowling effect, or any interesting sport activity.

Don’t forget one of her favorite places in the world is the gym.

8. Power Lesbians

If you’ve heard “Power Couples,” then we have Power lesbians as well, and they perform the function of any couple with the tag “Power couples”.

The Power or Suit lesbians are on top of their game anywhere, their sexuality doesn’t stop them from climbing the highest heights of their career.

They’re in the business of breaking the Sexuality stereotypes.

These people made it to our list of different types of lesbians because they’re a great source of encouragement to other lesbians out there!

9. Straight Lesbians

It looks strange, right? Well, the short explanation is that they’re not completely straight, nor are they completely lesbians.

They’re always changing colors like a chameleon. You’ll find it interesting and thrilling going out with them, but it’s just a fling to them.

You can’t think of spending the rest of your life or having something important with straight lesbians; in the end, you’ll cry blood and go home with a broken heart.

10. LUG lesbians

Before you start cracking your brain for the meaning of LUG, let me help you. It means “Lesbians until Graduation.” Funny, right?

Well, at least this type of people know what they want, and they’re sincere with themselves and others, unlike straight lesbians.

The LUG girls will let you know they’re just exploring while they’re still in school.

So they could wake up one morning and conclude being a lesbian is one of college bad habits and that they’re quitting.

You can’t plan to have any serious relationship with these types of lesbians.

11. Hasbian Lesbians

The list of several kinds of lesbians won’t be complete without the hasbian lesbians.

Wondering what hasbian means?

They’re the set of lesbians who identified themselves as lesbians in the LGBTQ community before.

They’re either heterosexual, bisexual or straight at the moment.

Hasbian lesbians now date and mingle with men. Being a lesbian is a thing of the past to them. Nevertheless, they could change their minds tomorrow.

Above all, the LGBTQ community believes sexuality is majorly fluid, so they don’t judge anyone based on their choices.

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